Anne-Lise Coste

Opening June 3 2006

Exhibition from June 4 to July 30 2006

Anne-Lise Coste (*1973, lives and works in Zürich) has already been established in the Swiss art scene for her drawings. They are of appealing and literary nature, even when, in some cases, they are free of text. These abstract drawings, in which the motives come to an independence of form, have something floral and decorative. Like illegitimate children of Les Fleurs du Mal, they lead as visual tracks into subjective moods and inner pictures.

The technical speed of her drawing in general is similar to the velocity of perception itself, which takes place in suspense between constant changes and clusters. Anne-Lise Costes drawings move in an open field of emotions and selective thinking. The surprising fade-in of new information corresponds to the constant stimulus of unexpected information about every day life, and visualises that perception is nomadic. The nomadic seems to be according to plan in her drawings. There is much at stake here, because they appeal against hierarchical power structures: the drawings put in mind the urge for independence and the unresolved contradictions within, the apparently irresolvable difficulties of our society. They represent critical commentaries of our contemporary life and could also be flyers or posters. However the disruption of the drawing is very private, very intimate

Anne-Lise Coste doesn’t take a sheet of paper as a concluded format. Often she extends the drawing over the margin of the paper directly onto wall. In total sense of her oeuvre she herself works nomadic without protocol and constraint of composition. Her decisions emerge out of the moment of drawing and appear as situative settings at the “right” moment on the changing drawing grounds.

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photos: Sully Balmassière