Tronc Mental

Louisa Gagliardi, Adrian Kiss, Sara Masüger

Exhibition from March 10 to April 15 2018

Opening Friday March 9 at 18h30

CAN, the Centre d’art, Neuchâtel, is pleased to present the work of Louisa Gagliardi, Adrian Kiss, and Sara Masüger. While each of these three artists has a sharply defined personal world that is quite distinct from the others’, they and their work give rise to multiple dialogues. Gagliardi and Kiss, for example, can be grouped under the banner of the Postinternet generation of artists.

What binds them is their way of evoking the question of the body, its representation and its connection with its present environment. Their artworks also reveal similarities in the ways they marshal certain materials, conceive of the light and the lighting of the venue, and finally use certain ranges of color, Gagliardi in work that is directly linked with representation, and Kiss through his sculpture and installation practices. Both also reference the digital world that now surrounds all of us and in which they were born. Sara Masüger, on the other hand, comes from a slightly older generation. Her sculptures are basically fashioned from molds done from human body parts which she produces within a framework of conceptual and performance protocols. Yet her working methods, which mix more classic techniques with more contemporary attitudes, and her way of approaching the body today, i.e., straight on and quite obviously deliberate, resonate in an interesting way with the works of Louisa Gagliardi and Adrian Kiss.

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photos: Anton Satus