Jonathan Monk

Jonathan Monk, CAN 2018

Edition : CAN, 2018

Illustrations : Color

Pages : 28

Graphism : Noémie Gygax

Format : 22cm x 32cm

Languages : french and english

Price : 12.-

Artists : Jonathan Monk

Author : Marc-Olivier Wahler

During the show that ran at CAN from 25 May to 6 July 1997, the press release announced the following: “Anything by the Smiths. In his way, going back over the founding myths of modern art, the young British artist Jonathan Monk conjures up by turns (and simultaneously, too, at times) Rock & Roll, football and pub culture. Aware of the themes in play, the artist smokes his last cigarette and bucks himself up by listening to the sound of waves in a shell. Here is finally a show that will fuel conversations in stadiums and bars (where the artist performs from time to time).”