Livia Di Giovanna, Frédéric Gabioud, Sara Ivone, Blaise Parmentier, Guillaume Pellay, Belle Poudre*, Marion Ritzmann, Denis Savary,
Anaïs Wenger, Sophie Yerly
*Dirk Bell, Reto Pulfer

Opening on Friday September 21 2018 at 18h30

Concerts :
21h: Musique Chienne
22h: Mister Milano
23h: DJ set : Y Otras Chicas

Exhibition from September 22 to December 14 2018

Performance evening I
Carte blanche to festival Les Urbaines
Saturday October 6 2018

Performance evening II
Milieu propice
Saturday November 3 2018

Performance evening III
Carte blanche to Madeleine Amsler & Laurence Wagner
Saturday December 1 2018

Vernissage/Finissage on Friday December 14 2018 at 18h30