Date Atom Heads Project

25.01 – 16.03.1997

Project Project

Atom Heads Project

In the Studio

Kenji Yanobe, a semi-make-believe, half-real Japanese survivor of a disaster, arrives in Switzerland for the very first time. Son of Godzilla, that mutant monster born from the Hiroshima explosion, this Japanese otaku has created a myriad number of survival vehicles, suits fitted with Geiger counters, immersion boxes, all capable of protecting us from the next Apocalypse There is a nagging doubt. Are these vehicles for the bedridden, are these armoured trains, and these monstrous vehicles which look like pachyderms, really effective ? Can one count on them ? To judge from the way the joints are finished, the poor quality of the materials and above all the DIY look of the whole thing, there is good reason to remain sceptical.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening January 24 1997
Exhibition from January 25 to March 16 1997