Date Battlefield #82 #77 / Stones

17.09 – 28.10.2011

Project Project

Battlefield #82 #77 / Stones

The CAN is presenting two independent exhibitions whose themes respond to each other, in contexts that are nevertheless difficult to compare and which inevitably offer very different points of view: Common Assembly by the Collectif DAAR and Battlefield #82 #77 / Stones by Jérôme Leuba. Both are concerned with areas of conflict and confrontation, with notions of territory, borders, separations and representations.

For several years now, Jérôme Leuba has been developing a vast series of works on these themes entitled “battlefield”. This series of works not only reveals the imprint of power, but also questions the codes of our systems of representation. Leuba’s images and installations contain a cluster of small collisions. They are not delivered in a single glance and underline the ambiguous character of any mediatisation of reality. Like the magnetic spectrum, his works make visible the field of attraction of opposing forces. His work is not directly related to current events but to the way images are conceived and produced today. For Leuba, it is all about images and the reflexes they condition, his work maintaining this subtle hiatus between the visible and the invisible, between what is and what is not.

Exhibition from September 17 to October 28 2011

Opening September 16 2011