Date Denise Bertschi

01.08.2020 – 31.07.2021

Project Project

Denise Bertschi

Histoires alternatives & futurs immédiats
05.06.21, 5pm*

Denise Bertschi’s year-long residency at the CAN allowed her to deepen her research on the historical relationship between Switzerland and Brazil, and more specifically between the city of Neuchâtel and the Quilombo village of Helvécia and the former Colonîa Leopoldina in the state of Bahia. Adopting a historical perspective, her investigative practice questions economic, political and ecological power relations on an international scale. Through a meticulous examination of regional and state patrimonial records and a specific emphasis on the material witness of buildings or the collection of oral histories from the two intervowen contexts, the artist offers us the possibility to reconsider histori(es) by including non-euro-centric point of views.

This meeting will be an opportunity for Denise Bertschi to present the current state of her research on Neuchâtel, which will continue to develop over the next few years and will, in due course, take the form of an exhibition at CAN.

* The presentation will be in French
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– The number of participants will be defined according to the health restrictions in place.