Date Ignazio Bettua

04.09 – 25.10.1998

Project Project

Ignazio Bettua

In the Studio

« Random like the encounter on a car bonnet of reflected light and multicoloured magnetic tabs ; as seemingly orderless as confetti on the carpet, this set of tiddlywinks scattered on a rug, these darts stuck in the wall – Bettua’s formalism is offset by an attitude based on a real poetics of chance. (…) Forms, colours, serial and referential games all combine on the surface of Bettua’s relief paintings in a system of pure signs that constitutes a self-sufficing order. The unbearable lightness of this decorative art rests on its absolute autonomy. »

Pierre-André Lienhard translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening September 3 1998
Exhibition from September 4 to October 25 1998