Artist Artist

Res Ingold (*1954, CH)

Date Ingold Airlines

05.11 – 22.12.1995

Project Project

Ingold Airlines

in Chauffage Compris, coffee place of the CAN

Ingold Airlines is a company that does not own a single aircraft, but regards air transport as an art form. It endeavours to weave links between the economic sphere and the art world, starting from similarities noted between those working in both systems. Ingold Airlines thus develops its identity like any other business, by proposing – in aviation shows and art institutions alike – promotional tools: cargo containers, business reports, air stewardess uniforms, tax-free display stands… a whole host of products specific to air traffic, all bearing the “lngold Airlines” stamp.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening Novembre 4 1995
Exhition Novembre 5 to December 22 1995