Date Jean-Damien Fleury

07.02 – 05.04.1998

Project Project

Jean-Damien Fleury

In the Studio

Through the use of ordinary materials and patterns of behaviour, borrowed from everyday life, Jean-Damien Fleury’s work plays with potential « communication systems ». But, from traps to stimuli, the onlooker finally finds him/herself looking at a simple mirror, which is too faithful. « Objects are lust simple vehicles. The essence seems to me to reside in the emptiness that surrounds these stimuli, in the vacant space into which the viewer ventures. I am interested in the bonds which slip no longer between a setting and people, but between people themselves (1). »

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

(1) Jean-Damien Fleury

Opening February 7 1998
Exhibition from February 8 to April 5 1998