Date Lori Hersberger

15.11.1998 – 17.01.1999

Project Project

Lori Hersberger

In the Studio

A Western hero, guittars, a music-hall dancer, bales of hay, sequins and spangles, a neon light and smoke… As the projects develop, Lori Hersberger formulates a personal world forever wavering between mud and strass. In one room, DJango drags a sten gun from a coffin and, with a smile on his lips, gets rid of the bandits terrorising the village. In the other room, a dancer executes his troop to the sound of tap-dancing. Between the two spaces, the desert advances.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening November 14 1998
Exhibition from November 15 1998 to January 17 1999