Date NIFFF Invasion – Inner Resistance

07.07 – 03.07.2022

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NIFFF Invasion – Inner Resistance

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Inner Resistance is an intervention by Gabriele Garavaglia on an invitation of CAN Centre d’art Neuchâtel. The artist wanders through the audience in the form of a zombie, parasitizing our perception of reality by injecting a little fantasy. This long duration performance plunges us into a more subtle disturbance than it appears at first; it sends back to us the image of a part of ourselves, exhausted, emptied of its substance by the means of communication, publicity, immediacy, sensationalism, and promises of consumption. We are all often zombies in our own way.

CAN team:
Martin Jakob, Sylvie Linder, Nicolas Raufaste, Liza Trottet, Sebastian Verdon