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Parallels Part 1: Astral Border

The CAN presents Parallels, an experience that considers the forms of the group exhibition. It unites about fifteen personal exhibitions. They come along together or follow each other in a long tangled program. The two spaces of the art centre are transformed into five different smaller rooms. The artists can therefore create their own world in a joint story which follows an arrhythmic movement. Parallels favors the multiple combinations of exhibitions, prevails entropy and encourages the dynamic of a permanent creative movement claimed by the CAN. Splited into three parts, as a cinematographic trilogy, it evokes a narrative universe thatt takes its source in science-fiction. This dimension is emphasized by the title of the first chapter Part 1: Astral Border, which will last from January to April 2022.

Mathis Gasser
Opening 19.03.22, 6pm
with a hypnotic reading by Lauren Huret at 2.30pm and at 4.30pm (45 min) registration (places limted):
with a vocal piece by Léo Natorp at 8.30pm and a performance-reading in French by Fatima Wegmann Guinassi at 9pm, followed by a DJ set by the artist aka ven3mo at 10pm

Maria Guta & Lauren Huret
Yannic Joray
Opening 26.02.22, 6pm
with a performance by Jorge Raka
From 9.30pm: DJ E-Pizza & DJ Nori Quest

Youssef Limoud
Lou Masduraud
Opening 29.01.22, 6pm
with a performance by Adrian Ganea & Maria Guta, 6.30pm


CAN team:

Martin Jakob, Sylvie Linder, Nicolas Raufaste, Liza Trottet, Sebastian Verdon