Date Priape Rêve de Blanc

08.09 – 27.10.1996

Project Project

Priape Rêve de Blanc

In the Studio

You’ve always dreamed of renting a garden gnome to mow your lawn, look after your kids, wash your car, or go to the restaurant with you ? Thanks to the Living Gnomes Rental Agency, founded by Jacques-Olivier André, all this is now possible. Rented for two days by a Neuchâtel family with four children, the artist observes: “l didn’t have anything tricky to do. They took me with them for a boat ride, for a drive, to the restaurant (where they had to assume responsibility for me, explain my presence and my gear…)”.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening September 7 1996
Exhibition from September 8 to October 27 1996