Date S Project

23.11.1997 – 18.01.1998

Project Project

S Project

Born in the land of hara-kiri, Noritoshi Hirakawa regards suicide as a social bonding agent. S Project proposes a tour of the best spots in Switzerland to successfully commit suicide (the Bessières Bridge in Lausanne, the Münsterplattform in Bern, the Loorenkopf in Zurich), as well as an interview with people with solid experience in the matter of hanging, jumping under trains, leaping off bridges and out of windows, swallowing multi-coloured pills, inhaling from exhaust pipes and putting their heads in gas ovens.
Can suicide become a one-off aesthetic experience? By mixing sex and a desire to commit suicide, Noritoshi Harakawa strays into areas of paradox and invites us to make a final leap into the void.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening November 22 1997
Exhibition from November 23 1997 to January 18 1998