14.02 – 01.03.2020

Project Project


In the Studio

Guest curator: Ballostar

we refunction up state into a radio station
here we understand radio as potential, as placeholder, as restoration/occupation (of information excess) of real, social spaces. We search in the debris of the existing for an antagonistic politics, a subersive communication, questioning the possibilities and impossibilities of solidarity. the emerging activisms are being recorded, sent live or processed into broadcasts. the means of production aswell as the unlocked spaces should be accessible (or made accessible) to everyone.
currently the ground releases a devastating scream, leaving the tympanic membranes of the surrounding communities in ruins. disoriented and enraged the dwellers search for the invisble author of their agony. arming themselves with whatever transmitter obtainable, the crowd runs riot. sending gibberish, each blinded by his own torment, noise accumulates. so, without aim, the horde starts spinning, unable to locate the source of the screeching. change of direction is required. one simple but important step is communication. we need to reach out and talk to each other across borders, across identities, despite our irritation and confusion.
we grasp radio as a common pasture, where everyone can nourish their ability for empathy, compassion and conversation. no barbed wire fence, separating in and out. no gates. in listening to each other, talking to each other, in looking after eachother, in caring, cooking, dreaming, and in fighting we search the potency of togetherness. we need to share information and ideas – and our dreams. maybe just a little signal is enough. scream to be sure.
the collaborative installation in the CAN is a still of the ongoing process of establishing this radio. the entire revenues from the bar etc. including the exhibition budget will directly flow into the development of the radio station.

CAN team:

Martin Jakob, Sylvie Linder, Magali Pexa, Nicolas Raufaste, Julian Thompson, Sebastian Verdon