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Window Grey

CAN’s 2023 program begins with a group exhibition whose title directly refers to the color used for the floors of the art center’s exhibition rooms: Window Grey. From February 4 to April 2, 2023, the exhibition will feature works by artists Pierre-Olivier Arnaud, Stefan Brüggemann, Mio Chareteau, David Knuckey and Ima-Abasi Okon. Window Grey is an invitation to examine the model of the white cube which, since the middle of the last century, has been considered an ideal place for the presentation of artworks. Without claiming to lead to obvious conclusions, the aim of this exhibition is to introduce the role of this type of space and to reflect on its relationship to the works. Although this format seems adequate, it is not as impartial as it seems.

Opening 03.02.23, 6pm
with Grey, a performance by
Mio Chareteau, 6.30pm

Exhibition text

With the support of: Ville de Neuchâtel, République et Canton de
Neuchâtel, Loterie Romande, Fondation Philanthropique Famille
Sandoz, Fondation Bonhôte pour l’art contemporain, Fondation Ernst & Olga Gubler-Hablützel, Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, DCS, Genève.

CAN team:
Martin Jakob, Sylvie Linder, Nicolas Raufaste, Liza Trottet, Sebastian Verdon