Date Ariane Epars

03.05 – 05.07.1998

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Ariane Epars

In the Studio

The work of Ariane Epars does not shrink from invisibility. The artist’s interventions issue from simple gestures and, with perplexing lightness, explore the volumes of the exhibition venue. There is no demonstrative stance. Ariane Epars works her way into the space, the way a fluid penetrates a porous material, insidiously but irrevocably. By covering floors with plaster, water, clay, carpet, chalk, smashed tiles, by applying putty to windows, by restoring a damaged wall, she reveals the characteristics – or rather the sensibilities – specific to a place. She also exposes the exhibition conditions, where space and work engage in a dialogue that is being forever renewed.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening May 2 1998
Exhibition from May 3 to July 5 1998