Date Camelot

05.09 – 24.10.1999

Project Project


Philippe Mayaux looks like a high-diver, capable of the most mind-blowing pirouettes. The fact is that this stuntman, in a class all of his own, is fond of landing systematically on his belly, in a deliberately grotesque position, plentifully splashing the edges of the pool. As a painter of household placebos, a sculptor of electric logs, a poet of the « fire that sparkles in the plasterboard hearth », a technician of the endless screw, and a champion of the « advancing desert ». Philippe Mayaux is a splendid turncoat. He gets us to touch the sublime, the better to.bust fascinating toys.
He flatters. Pierces And starts all over again.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

Opening September 4 1999
Exhibition from September 5 to October 24 1999