Date Deux Sculptures avec Helicoptère


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Deux Sculptures avec Helicoptère


Roman Signer’s pieces work the opposite way round to a time bomb. The tension does not issue from the detonation, it comes after it. The smoke scatters, and the show seems to be over. A doubt, and an uncertainty then work their way into the onlooker’s mind. Behind the smoke, behind the given image, unstable areas seem to take shape, where the concept of time is expanded ad infinitum, where the real is reduced in terms of possibilities. Behind the image, in concrete terms, there is nothing – strictly nothing. And it is in this nothingness that everything is played out it is in this nothingness that Roman Signer gives glimpses of his answers, which are just on the tip of the tongue.

Marc-Olivier Wahler translated by Simon Pleasance

April 10 1999