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Bada Bing

In the Studio

With his stomach filled with a clever mix of 10-year-old Laphroaig and centipede meat, the visitor struggles to find his way behind the bar. Toxic’s* basslines beat the walls of the Bada Bing without mercy. In spite of this, a muffled complaint reaches his ears at regular intervals.
Swallowing his fears, he carefully moves forward into the backstage area of the strip club. In the middle of the handbags of the coyote girls vomiting on the velvet sofas, he glimpses vaguely the sinister shape of an abandoned stroller. The strange moan becomes more insistent. Two cat’s eyes appear in the gloom.

Haggard, the visitor downs his Penner’s prix garantie can in one go. Indeed, it is difficult to leave unscathed from the visit of an intervention by Fabian Boschung, who is collaborating for the second time with the special effects designers Rouge vernis FX for an original installation presented in the CAN studio.

*hit by singer Britney Spears, which appears on the album In the Zone released in 2003 on Jive Records.

Renaud Loda


CAN team:
Martin Jakob, Sylvie Linder, Magali Pexa, Nicolas Raufaste, Liza Trottet, Sebastian Verdon