Project Project

Indice Ultraviolet

Does it increase or does it decrease?

How to integrate the verb to last?
Is it enough?
Are we early or are we late?

Here is a series of four questions which give titles to the events that will take place within the project Indice Ultraviolet. These questions, arbitrarilly and spontaneously chosen, invites dialogue and proposes an open approach in the form of a symposium in the ancient sense of the term; meaning a discussion between coffee and dessert, between pleasure, relaxation and in‐depth reflections around a theme. From 5 June to 6 July, CAN will become a space for exchanges and experimentation. The exhibition spaces will be converted into an ultra sensitive cell from which we will grasp the current state of our ecosystems. It will serve as the epicentre of the project, radiating out through diverse actions taking place outside the CAN walls.

During the events it will be possible to take part in, among other things, a subtle performance carrying us off for a brief moment to the sea‐sideview; the inaugural cook‐out for the art centre’s terrace; a passionate discussion with an artist and diver; a choreographed guided tour of the city of Neuchâtel; combing over an open field in Champ‐du‐Moulin; a conference on collapsologie during a boat ride on the Neuchâtel lake or even the hoisting of a flag tinted with ecofeminism. In the exhibition spaces, arranged for this purpose, the visitors will have the possibility to consult a body of videos and movies, proposed by the invited artists. These sequences will favour the sharing of knowledge and will make up the base for the participants prospects. Indice Ultraviolet will invoke action instead of inaction and will explore the latest themes such as the environment (ecologic, cultural and social), and others like intensity, disconnection, laziness or passion‐work.

Ultra − tanning, sunscreen, summer, relaxation, sunburn, ice, fire, water bottles, passiveness, immersion, spectral obscurity, abysses, profoundness, deep adaptation, hygrometer, undulation, reflection − violet.

The reflections over the course of the project will finally be presented in the form of a an eponymous publication whose layout will be consultable during the last event planned for July 6 and whose print will be limited to the number of preordered examples. More than simple documentation, this book will be formulated as a manual that might be useful for its owner if necessary. It will serve to apply the proposals made by the artists and to prolong the reflections made in this early summer of 2019. A summer that promises to be scorching.

(Full program in french only)


CAN team:

Martin Jakob, Sylvie Linder, Magali Pexa, Nicolas Raufaste, Julian Thompson, Sebastian Verdon